Orthodox League
Timeline: War of Leagues
OTL equivalent: Orthodox League
.  AD 476 - Present
[[File:  |100px |alt=|Coat of arms of Orthodox League (War of Leagues)]]
Restore Rome, our eldest brother, back to Orthodox
Kyrie Elesion
[[File:  |250px |center |alt=|Location of Orthodox League (War of Leagues)]]
(and largest city)
Other cities St. Petersburg, Moscow
Official languages Koine Greek
Regional Languages Many languages
Demonym Orthodoxs
Religion Eastern Orthodoxs
Government Theocratical Confederacy
 -  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I
 -  Presiding State Eastern Roman Empire
Legislature Ecummenical meetings
 -  Upper house House of Bishops
 -  Lower house Senate of Constantinopolis
 -  Partition of Roman Empire 395 AD 
 -  Cyril brothers persuades Slavs to be Orthodox 886 AD 
 -  East-West Schism and creation of Orthodox League 1054 AD 
 -  Total   km2 
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Currency Depending on nations
Orthodox League is of the Eastern Roman Empire, by the Eastern Roman Empire, for the Eastern Roman Empire. Eastern Roman Emperor directly rules his Ecumenical Patriarch (leader of Orthodox) and other Patriarchs like a puppet. But still Slavic people believe in them deeply and made largest nation Federation of Rus to be in their side. This gives them force to continue on the fight with the Islamic League.

However unlike Catholic League, it is not unified but a loose connection but better then Protestant League, who has none.


Member States

1. Eastern Roman Empire 2. Federation of Rus 3. Kingdom of Bulgarians 4. Ukrainian Republic


1. No nation of Confederacy attacks Constantinopolis and Eastern Roman Empire, which protects it. 2. All nations must absolutely obey to Ecumenical Patriarch. 3. Eastern Roman Emperor can fire or hire Ecumenical Patriarch at his own taste. 4. Autonomous Patriarchs are only independent regarding church matters but nothing more.