Russian Orthodox Empire
Русская православная Империя
Timeline: Pure Arabica
OrthodoxempirePA No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Moсквa / Moscow
Largest city Moсквa / Moscow
Other cities Санкт-Петербург​ / Saint-Petersburg
  others Ukrainian, Byelarussian, Kazakh, Arab
Religion Orthodox
Government Autocratic Monarchy
Population 293,047,571 
Established 1721
Currency Ruble

The Orthodox Empire is one of the strongest nations in Europe, and the strongest Christian nation in the world.  Long the sole defender of the Christian faith, the Orthodox Empire has only found recent support in the Scandinavian countries.


Through the 17th and 18th Centuries, the Republic of the Two Nations took advantage of the natural animosity between the Orthodox Empire and Malorussia. Historians agree that had the Orthodox Empire not been so concerned about the invasive efforts of the Islamic states, the Republic of the Two Nations would have been quickly sundered, and partitioned between them and the Teutonic Knights.

Modern Day

An uneasy detente exists between the Orthodox Empire and the rest of the world.

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