The Orleans Conference was a meeting of Communist nations from across the globe to ensure the formation of a military alliance that history would soon call as The People's Entente. It was hosted in Orleans by the People's Republic of France in the aftermath of the French Revolution and the French Civil War, and was also meant to ensure discussions of other issues that were threatening Communist nations at the time. 

The People's Entente


We, the Communist nations of the world, and the representatives of the Proletariat, hereby arrive at this conference to create what will be known from this point forward, the People's Entente, which will serve as not only a military alliance of Communist nations, but also as a Pact in which the Communist nations of Earth will protect themselves and each other from capitalist oppression. 

Terms (French Proposal)

  • The People's Entente is to be an alliance of Communist nations and any supporters of Communism across the globe. 
  • Any nations with a Communist government is free to join the organization. 
  • Our alliance will serve as a Pact for mutual defense, as stated in the preamble. 
  • We would make it our duty, not only to protect ourselves from capitalist aggression but to also ensure that the values of Communism are protected and spread across the face of the Earth. 
  • The governments of France, Poland and Russia, as its founders, will hereby sign this document, and can come up with their own proposals in a manner that is fair for all Communist nations. 


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