This is an ambitious AltHistory about Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolian colonization of America along with European explorations! This would impact history for five hundred years. I'm always open to new ideas!


There are several PODs in this scenario:

  • Mongolians explore Eastern Russia and Western Alaska. Records were kept and stumbled upon by Peter the Great early in his reign many years later. Russia eventually picks up where the Mongols left off in the early 1700s.
  • A Chinese explorer stumbles upon Hawaii in the 1300s. This let the Chinese explore further towards America until, finally, it is discovered (and recorded by) a Chinese explorer in the early fifteenth century.
  • Japan's Feudal Wars lasted longer than expected, leading to a stalemate. Japan is divided into Northern and Southern Japan. The Ninja order lived on in Southern Japan while the Samurai lived on in the North. Eventually, gunpowder was introduced and the Samurai became ineffective while the ninja were able to adapt. The Ninja armor (yes, ninjas had armor like Samurai armor) became useless and ninjas adopted a better fitting uniform that allowed for easier movement. The new guis, along with better guns, allowed Southern Japan to take over Northern Japan in 1500.
  • Constantinople is able to hold the Ottomans off, allowing other nations to give Byzantium help and an edge over the Ottomans for a while. Ultimately, the Russian Empire contributed heavily to the Byzantine Empire. The Turks, not having the important hold on Constantinople, don't get in the way of European Traders and exploration of America by Europe doesn't happen until 1510, four years after Columbus' death! However Byzantium remained independent until present day!
  • Martin Luther hides in Byzantium. However, since Europe is helping Byzantium rebuild, the Byzantines are on the lookout for wanted men. Martin Luther is found and is caught by a Byzantine soldier and receives a trial. He is found guilty of heresy. He is also charged with vandalism for nailing his thesis to doors. He is imprisoned. Lutheranism never really picks up. Henry VIII also gives birth to a son, avoiding the English Civil War.

World Today

  • Byzantium is still around and encompasses parts of Turkey and all of Greece.
  • Japan is united and ninjas are still part of the military.
  • Zhenga (What was once China's American colony, which declared independence), encompasses all of the West Coast plus parts of Mexico. It stretches from the West Coast to the Mississippi River.
  • Japan had a colony in Peru. They had taken over the Incans. By now, it is independent and is the size of OTL Brazil.
  • Russia's colony in Alaska expanded west to encompass part of western Canada.
  • Britain's colony, New England, rebelled and became the United States of America. It encompasses from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean and they own Eastern Canada.
  • There are about nine billion people in the world today.
  • China, after losing Zhena, worked on improving their interior. The country is now one of the richest, industrialized nations in the world.
  • We are about fifteen years ahead of OTL, technologically speaking.OSA 2011

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