Oriental Hermit Republic
Timeline: Battle for Earth Strikes Back! (Map Game)
Flag of the Oriental Hermit Republic (Battle for Earth Strikes Back! Map Game)
Flag of the Oriental Hermit Republic
Labelled in Green

それが無意味じゃないのよねぇ (Japanese)
("Ah, but there is a point, after all.")

Anthem "March of the Oriental Maiden"
Capital Kyushoku
Largest city Tokojing
Other cities Tianstrica, Takaská, Zvotsanulok, Quanzánske, Bytčakaidō
Language Hermitese
Religion Celestialism
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Empress Toyo Kámašaka
Prime Minister Kyōzhou Arimoto
Currency Hermit Runes

The Oriental Hermit Republic is a nation in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Hermits have been in existence since around 3,813,000 years ago. By around 105,000 years ago the first few nations were formed, and it wasn't until around 13,000 years ago when the Hermit planet was united. Since then, they advanced in technology and soon went on to conquer a few places in the Galaxy, but staying out of range of others. It reached its greatest extent 500 years ago and expansion since then was halted.


The Oriental Hermit culture is vaguely similar to the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai cultures.

It is noted that the female Hermits have more power and are stronger.


The main religion of the Oriental Hermits is Celestialism. The four main Goddesses in the religion is Siddhāterasu, Enkōshen, Hakaxia, and Songzikiryō.

Celestialist Temples and Shrines are seen throughout the Oriental Hermit Republic and just about every city and town has at least one.


The official language is Hermitese. The language is written in Hermit Characters, which resemble a mix of Tamil Script and Chinese Characters and Hermit Kanchosgul which resemble a mix of Hangul and Kana. When spoken it sounds like a mix between Thai, Korean, and Japanese.

International Relations

The Oriental Hermits is currently unaware of anything else outside of the Oriental Hermit's Domain.

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