Orient in Yathrib is the largest continent in terms of area and can be subdivided into a handful of regions:

  • Cathay- China, Japan, Korea, and adjacent regions.
  • Turans- Central Asia
  • India- The Indian Subcontinent
  • Zomia-Tibet and upper SE Asia
  • Malalya-Maritime SE Asia
  • Siberia-North Asia
  • Asia- Middle East


Asia  extends from the Straits of Bosporus to the Indus river.

Flag Name OTL
Anatolia Central Anatolia
Flag of Armenia
Armenia Uinted Armenia except the coastal areas and the Javakhk
Flag of Assyria
Assyria Ninawa, Dohuk provinces and Hasakah Province
Azerbaidjan (February's Legacy)
Azeristan Azerbaijan minus Naxichevan and Nagornokarabakh plus Ardabil and East Azerbaijan provinces of Iran
Flag of the United Arab Republics Russian America Expansion
Bedawi State southern and Zarqa governorates of Jordan,four northernmost regions of saudi Arabia
Flag of Israel
Israel Israel plus west Bank and central Jordan minus Negev
Flag of Kurdistan
Kurdestan Iraqi Kurdestan without Dohuk, Iranian Kurdestan
Flag of Palestine
Palestine Gaza Strip, Negev and north Sinai
Burma Ascension Persia Seal
Persia Iran except northwestern areas and Golestan plus Balochistan and NW province of Pakistan and most of Afghanistan (without the northern and Northeastern regions)
Flag of Lebanon
Phoenicia western Lebanon plus Tartus Province
New Flag of the Byzantine Empire Galaguerra1 first version
Romania Byzantine empire- that is, Greece minus Epirus and western Macedonia,estern half of FYROM, southern half of Bulgaria,Marmara and Aegean regions of Turkey, the Pontic coast as far as Sinope, the Mediterannean coast up to the borders of Cilicia, plus Cyprus.
800px-Flag of the Syriac-Aramaic People
Syria Syria plus Antiocheia minus Tartus province plus Anbar province and northern Jordan, eastern half of Lebanon
Turkey southeastern Turkey

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