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Flag of the United Nations

Flag of the Organization of Sovereign Nations.

The Organization of Sovereign Nations is an international body that is considered the "Forum of the world", and a primary body used to try to resolve international conflicts, as well as promote international solidarity and ensure the peace of the world.
800px-Winter Palace Facade II

The Palace of Nations (formerly the Winter Palace, home of the Czars of the Russian Empire) in St Petersburg, the main Headquarters of the OSN since given to the body by the Russian Federation in 1946.

Founded in the aftermath of the Third Global War by the victorious powers of the conflict, France, The United States of America, Japan, Russia and Brazil, who were made the permanent members of the High Council, the highest body in the organization. All other members of the world are part of the OSN, which allows international discussions to be held. Though founded and headquartered in St Petersburg, Russia, the OSN has branches on every continent in the world, allowing more continental disputes to be resolved in the continent without coming to St Petersburg. These branches are: Winnipeg, Assiniboia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Pretoria, South Africa; Kyoto, Japan; and Sydney, Australasia.

In recent years, the OSN has developed a more hands on approach to its goals for peacekeeping, sending "Peacekeeping Corps" to trouble spots around the world to prevent crisis from escalating and to eventually bring an end to the problem. Besides the "International Army", the OSN also works to try to rebuild war-torn areas, and to organize Humanitarian Aid to help ares rocked by civil war, disasters or famine.

Jon Stewart On Couch

Current head of the OSN Jon Stewart (United States of America).

The OSN is headed by a Secretary-President, who is elected for five year terms among those put forward by the various nations. Since 2006, American diplomat Jon Stewart has lead the OSN, and easily won re-election in early 2011.


Tri-Power Conflict

Dual Power Conflict

Eurasian Liberation Army

In 2004, Japan was disbarred from the OSN due to crimes against humanity in trying to put down the Eurasian Liberation Army in its territory, and had its seat on the High Council taken away. This had done little to convince the military junta in charge of Japan to give up its battle, nor did increasingly stringent international sanctions.

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