The Organization of Central American States is a military, political and economic alliance between most nations within Central America



The OCAS was founded after the Banana Wars, a series of military conflicts in which the United States of America frequently invaded and occupied nations in the Caribbean to protect its economic interests. When the USA finally pulled out all troops, it left a series of weakened democratic governments in its wake. To cement its economic superiority over the region and promote trade, the United States supported the founding of the OCAS as an economic organization.

The OCAS brought economic stability, but its only real trading partner was the United States. The alliance consolidated further as a treaty of mutual defense was signed by all members. This treaty, designed to fight rebellions and coups which plagued the region, allowed the democratic governments to thrive politically. In 1921, the newly created state of Mexico entered the OCAS, becoming its largest and most prosperous country.

The current OCAS remains supported by the US, but has drifted farther away from its once domination. Trade to Brazil and the rest of South America has increased. However, the OCAS is not yet ready to emerge on the world stage as a large power. Economic competition with the South Asian Union is also a problem.

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