Some political organisations were vital for the conflict between Czechoslovakia and Nazi Germany. Below are some of them:

Supported by Nazi Germany

Some political parties and movements sought to cede from Czechoslovakia in order to be annexed by countries with the same ethnic population, such as the Sudeten Germans, the Poles in Zaolzie and the Hungarians in southern Slovakia.

The Sudeten Germans' cause were supported politically and financially by Nazi Germany. The most dominant Sudeten German party in Czechoslovakia was the Sudeten German Party (Sudetendeutsche Partei, abbreviated SdP), led by Konrad Henlein. From 1935 some groups within the party were financed from Germany. From November 1937 the leaders of SdP coordinated the policy with Nazi leaders in order to separate the Sudetenland from the Czechoslovak state and reintegrate the German speaking parts of Bohemia and Moravia into the German Empire. This policy took the form of so-called "Grundplanung OA" (Basic planning) from summer 1938 and later in the interior policy of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

   Flag of the SdP       Sudeten German Party   

Independence movements

Some political movements in Czechoslovakia were seeking independence from the largely Czech-dominated country, especially among the Slovaks and the Ruthenians. However, some of them took advantage of the conflict, others supporting the Czech government in fighting the invaders.

   Flag of the Hlinka Guard       Hlinka Guard   

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