Orenthal Simpson (July 9, 1947 - June 4, 2011) was an infamous American serial killer.

Simpson was born and brought up in downtown San Francisco. He studied at the South Central High School and soon became something of a football legend. He became very popular and, this is the stage that most modern analysts say he became psychotic. In 1965 he murdered his girlfriend, Nanine Haber, and her parents when he visited her house. He subsequently fled the city.

Within days a statewide manhunt had begun, with checkpoints being placed at all road border crossings. However Simpson had got away, crossing the Nevada border and trekking through the desert. He was picked up by James Brown, who offered him a lift to the nearest town, however Simpson murdered him too. The remains of Brown's body were discovered 4 months later.

Simpson made his way through Arizona and New Mexico, arriving in San Antonio ,the Lincoln state capital. Simpson spent the rest of 1965 there, becoming a small time crook and joining a drug running gang. Through the gang he was able to board a ship to Gran Colombia and worked in a drug running gang from the other end.

Whilst working there he committed another series of murders, singling out prostitutes and store owners as his targets. By February 1967 he is estimated to have killed nearly 50 people, and after the police launched a search he was forced across the Brazilian border. After purchasing a car, and some food, he drove straight through the jungle, crossing the Brazilian border after two weeks. Little is known about Simpson's activities until early 1968, when he reappeared in Florida.

Throughout 1968 he committed another series of brutal murders around the Miami area. In June 1968 President Johnson put Simpson at #1 on the most wanted list, a position at which he stayed for the next 35 years.

In late 1968 Simpson moved his atrocities across the deep south, and by January 1969 he had murdered another 24 people. It has been suggested that it was Simpson's actions alone that gave President Goldwater the mandate to pass the Negro Act of 1969, issuing identity cards to all black Americans.

Simpson's actions continued still, focusing on Alabama. In spring 1969 he murdered one person every week, causing governor Wallace to declare martial law and conducting a vast manhunt. But Simpson was able to get away, crossing the Mississippi border in mid-May and ultimately arriving in Mexico that July.

OJ Simpson 1973

The image of Simpson that sparked a worldwide search

Here Simpson's actions again become unclear, with no clear record of him until 1973, when a photograph of him was taken living as a witch doctor in the Yuchatan. The image had a massive effect, rebuffing rumours that he was still alive and a threat. Within days of the image becoming public, an FBI team had been made up to go to Mexico and get Simpson "dead or alive". But Simpson was not to be found, and the situation soon turned into a international embarresment for the FBI.

He then fell off the radar again until 1975. It was then that he was responsible for his most imfamous act, the Rodsburgh College Shootings.

On the morning of June 4th 1975 Simpson broke into the campus of Rodsburgh College in Oklahoma, over the course of 45 minutes he killed 64 students 8 teachers and 9 policemen. Amazingly he was able to get away, but the crime was so severe that President Goldwater went on TV to proclaim a nationwide manhunt for him.

But by this time Simpson was in Lincoln, a state renowned for its roughness, and where murders were a normality.

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