Oregon War
Timeline: Rise of Roses
Date February 18th, 1910- April 25th, 1912
Location Oregon
Result Californian victory; Oregon becomes part of the California Republic

Flag of California California

Flag of Oregon Oregon
Louissianaflag Louisiana


Flag of California Theodore Roosevelt
Flag of California Tasker H. Bliss

Flag of Oregon Jay Bowerman
Louissianaflag William Jennings Bryan
Louissianaflag John J. Pershing

The Oregon War was a conflict fought over the North American region of Oregon. Lasting some 2 years, it ended with a large increase in territory for California.


Oregon is a region on the Pacific coast on North America. The area is an excellent source of timber and fish. Ever since the Canadian Confederation in 1867, Oregon has been a province of Canada. By the 20th century, feelings in Oregon had changed. The area was one of a lingering pioneer spirit and connections to nearby nations like Louisiana and California. The people of Oregon believed they should be independent, as they had been virtually before. In the 1909 referendum, 53% of Oregonian citizens voted to become independent. A new nation, led by Jay Bowerman, was born. However, Oregon remained somewhat unstable and relied on aid. Neighbouring countries such as Alaska and California saw this as perfect conditions to invade the land for themselves. Alaska had signed a non-aggression pact with Canada, so they refused to mobilize (risking a breakdown in relations). California, however, were led by the charismatic Theodore Roosevelt. Recently re-elected, he believed California needed to make a mark on the world stage. A war seemed like just the thing. California hadn't been involved in an external conflict since their independence in 1852. The Californian Army hadn't been mobilized since the Mormon War 40 years prior. Meanwhile, Oregon had friendly relations with Louisiana. The Louisianan government of William Jennings Bryan thought that through diplomacy and trade could they reach Oregon's natural resources. These ideas and motives set the stage for the war to come.

War Break's Out: 1910

Start of the Naval War: 1911

The Spring Offensive: 1912