Oregon Territory

The largest extent of British controlled Oregon Territory, 1890.

Oregon was a massive stretch of land that was created by the British Empire in the aftermath of the First American War in 1815, composed of all the land that Britain took from the United States's Louisiana Purchase, which was west of the so-called "Wellington Line." Eventually, the territory would reach its height after the Third American War, when land from Mexico, Alyseka and Assiniboia were added to it. The land was eventually taken over by the United States in 1916 in the Second Global War, and the area, which, despite covering a large amount of land in North America, was severally underpopulated due to British restrictions on immigration. At most in 1910, their was roughly 6,000,000 residents of the territory, which contrasted with over 75,000,000 in the United States, and over 10,000,000 in Alyseka. The territory eventually was divided, and makes up part of (in in most cases, the entirety of) Dakota, Nebraska, Cimarron, Colorado, Montana, Deseret, Columbia, Oregon and California.

The area of the former Oregon Territory is one of the largest expanding areas in the United States, the resources and Pacific ports (and newly established rail and road links) helping to increase the prosperity of the United States ten-fold since it was taken over. And despite a spirited, if minuscule, resistance, the vast majority of the residents welcomed the US with open arms, and fought gallantly against the Confederate States of America and the Pacific Republic in the Third American War.

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