Timeline: Failed Continental Congress
Oregon flag Oregon coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Russian, Spanish, Salishan
Government Unitary Republic
Independence from Great Britain
  declared 1842
  recognized 1845

More or less the old Oregon Territory and historical New Albion; OTL US states of northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana; Canadian province of British Columbia west of the Continental Divide; as well as the Alaska Panhandle to Mt. St. Elias.


(Nootka Sound dispute; cession to Britain.)

(Russian claims to Oregon; Crimean War.)

(Columbian migration to Oregon; Independence.)

(The California War; annexation of New Albion.)

(The parliamentary system; proportional representation.)

(Native revolts; Universal Suffrage.)


From the beginning, Oregon outlawed slavery, and banned the immigration of freed slaves to its territory. The repeal of the ban on Africans and Chinese came in the 1850s.


Basically, Oregon is the watershed of the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to California.

The Rt. Hon. John McLoughlin, first Prime Minister of Oregon, famously quipped: "What Oregon lacks in history, it has more than repaid in geology."


Oregon limits: North: Alaska. West: Pacific Ocean South: California East: Columbia

Administrative divisions

Oregon is a unitary republic divided into regions (watersheds), which are subdivided into communities (cities/counties.) Each region forms an electoral district consisting of an odd number of no fewer than three MPs, who serve simultaneously as regional councillors.

Region (MPs)

  • Sitka (3)
  • Fraser (35)
  • Vancouver Island (9)
  • Kutenai (7)
  • Okanagan (5)
  • Puget (51)
  • Anian (5)
  • Nimipu (3)
  • Siskiyou (3)
  • Multnoma (43)
  • Cayuse (3)
  • Shoshoni (15)
  • Basin and Range (23)
  • Yuta (3)
  • Klamath (5)
  • Redwoods (5)
  • Shasta (53)

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