The Oregonian Socialist Soviet Republic
Timeline: A Red West

OTL equivalent: The State of Oregon
OCCP Socialist Siberia COA (1983DD)
Flag Coat of Arms
Oregon Map
Map of Oregon

Soviet Freedom Across the Globe (English)

Anthem "The Internationale"
Capital Portland
Largest city Portland
  others Russian
Religion Atheism
Demonym Oregonian
Legislature One Party Communism
Independence from The United States of America
  declared June, 1962
  recognized December 21st, 1968
Currency Cascadian Dollar
Time Zone Pacific Time
Internet TLD .so


In 1964, Oregon, Washington and California each declared their own independance from the United States of America in reaction to the Vietnam War. The United States sent troops into the western states and occupied the territory.

The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics came to the aid of the new Soviet States and pushed the United States back. The war offically ended in 1968 when the Treaty of Seattle was signed.

Major Events

1972: Oregon forms "The Cascadian Economic Union" with Washington and California and takes upon the "Cascadian Dollar" as currency.

1976: Oregon joins with the other Cascadian states and builds a wall between them and the United States.

1977: Oregon aids Washington in fighting the opposition in Yakima county.

1979: Oregon forms a military alliance with Vietnam.

1980: Oregon perfoms it's first secessful Nuclear test.

1991: Oregon fights the opposition in the USSR.

1995: Oregon cuts ties with the People's Republic of China for "ruining the good name of Communism".

1999: Oregon helps California capture Hawaii from China.

2008: The Cascadian Wall goes down when Washington, California and Oregon join the United Nations.

2010: Oregon, Washington and California form the Union of Cascadian Soviet Republics.

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