The Order of The Rose is an award established in 1841 by Duke Gilbert. It is presented by the Duke of Antibes to members of the Society of the Rose. Only 50 members are allowed at a time.

List of Members appointed by Duke Gilbert (1841-1844)

1. Jerome I (1756 World)

2.Napoleon I (1756 World) (posthumously awarded)

3.Duchess Maria of Antibes

4.Vittorio Emanuele II of Sardinia

5.Joachim I (1756 World) (posthumously awarded)

6.Prince Paulo Carrignano (Paulo I)

7.Prince Eugene Carrignano

8.Princess Anabelle Carrignano

9.Napoleon II of France

10. Karl I of Germany

11.Carlos V of Spain

12. Princess Amelie Carrignano

13.Giovanni, 4th Count of Salis

List of Members appointed by Duke Paulo I (1844-1863)

14. Duchess Louise,1844

15. Prince Georges (Georges I),1845

16. Victoria (1756 World),1848,

17. Carlos VI of Spain,1849

18. Prince Antoine Carrignano,1851

19. Karl II of Germany,1852

20.Pedro IV of Portugal,1853

21.Stephane, 5th Count of Salis,1855

22. Abdülmecid I, Ottoman Sultan,1856

23. General Jean Joseph Marchand-Carrignano, 1856

24.Joao VI of Portugal,1857

25.Napoleon III of France,1857 26.Joseph, 6th Count of Salis,1858

27. Luisa I of Spain,1858

28. Jose, King Consort of Spain, 1858

29. George Brown (N. American President),1859

30.Abdülaziz I, Ottoman Sultan, 1861

31.Umberto I of Sardinia,1863

List of Members appointed by Duke Georges I (1863-1877)

32. Duchess Louise Marie Charel,1863

33. Prince Amadeu (Amadeu II),1864

34. Prince Carlos,1864

35.Princess Isabelle,1866

36. Giovanni, 7th Count of Salis,1867

37. Princess Sophie,1868

38. Monseigneur Pierre Charel (father of the Duchess), 1869

39. King Carl Gustav of Sweden, 1872

40. Edward VII of Britain, 1873

42. Martin I of Spain,1873

42. Abdülhamid II Ottoman Emperor, 1876

List of Members appointed by Duke Amadeu II (1877-1897)

45. Duchess Diana Fonti, 1877

46. Prince Martin (Martin III),1877

47. Princess Diana Marie,1877

48. Wilhelm I of Germany, 1878

49. Princess Alaine Marie,1879

50. Eugene, 8th Count of Salis,1881

51. Princess Sofia Alexandra,1883

52. Giovanni I of Sardinia,1885

53. Francis Richard, 4th Earl of Warwick, 1886

54. Prince Henri,1887

55. Sultan Ahmed IV of Ottoman Empire, 1888

56. Monseigneur Pierre Fonti,1890



59.Marie of France and Catalonia, 1892


61. Amadeo, 9th Count of Salis, 1896

List of Members appointed by Duke Martin III (1897-1915)
















List of Members appointed by Duke Nicola I (1915-1944)

List of Members appointed by Duke Francois I (1944-1970)

List of Members appointed by Duke Fransesco II (1970-date)

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