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"Welcome to the Empire!" King Edward VIII to Moise Tshombe - 29th December 1962.

"Meet the Empire." King Edward IX to Sentinal Saxe Couburg - 00.02 1st January 2000.

This is a live timeline. As you read this the story grows in real time. Check for the lastest in world news in the live contents thread for BBC World Live News Highlights.

This timeline is also semi colaberative, run by a dictatorship lite'. A single author with ascociates giving ideas that may or may not be ignored. Enjoy!


These articles contain multiple Points Of Divergance, however the mains are that Prince Albert Saxe Couburg lives another 20 years dying in 1881, and the governmental idealogy of "Self Governing Imperial Dominions" is first cocieved in the late 1860s. This leads to the Dominion of Canada, Union of South Africa and Commonwhealth of Australia being formed 10 years prior to in Our Timeline.

Though these changes might not seem earth shattering, they have a profound effect on the British Empire.

Other points of divergance iclude the Empire of Brazil, as the 1889 Coup detat is a failiure.

Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward gets over his fever which killed him in reality, and goes on to succeed his father, King Edward VII.

A failed Bloody Boxer Rebellion of 1912, leading the survival of the Chinese imperial monarchy in conservative form.

An ultra conservative and self centred United States of America, being an isolationist nation right up to the present day.

A reformed Treaty of Versailes, showing a lenient attitude to the Germans and more interested in containing the spread of communism.

Hitler becomes world renowned as an artist and art major, never developing his radical ideologies.

Due to the last two points, World War II as we know it never happens.

In USSR, 1989 is known less for the attempted coup, and more for the Premier Gorbachev's New Union Act. The USSR is then reformed and slowly transforms into a larger modern Russia.

All these divergances and more, lead to world which looks in some ways familiar, such as entertainment, nature, society steroetyping ect . . . whilst also being vastly in most others, politics, public lifestyles, technology ect . . . and frankly, more optimistic than our own. The global population is lower than in our timeline, and mankind hasn't raped the planet as much we have in reality.

The question is, this fragile peace that currently resides in the world, can it last?

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