The tribes in North America advance much quicker than in OTL, gaining 1500 tech in 1300 AD. Made by Upvoteanthology. This is on hiatus until April Fools Day.


1315 - Explorers from the Maya land in Africa, attempting to discover new trade routes to the Inca. They begin colonization of the region immediately, and call their colony New Misolha, and it grows quickly.

1316 - Incan Explorers land in a lower area of Africa, and begin their own colony called Jesashe.

1334 - Iroquois Explorers land in Portugal, and begin war with the natives. It becomes known as the Iroquois Wars against Iberia.

1340 - The Iroquois Wars end, as Portugal is heavily crippled. Port cities are leased to the Iroquois, and Granade becomes a puppet state.

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