Soviet influence in europe

Soviet Influence immediately after WW2.

At the end of The Second World War, there was a plan deemed to "impose the will of the western allies on the Soviet Union". This seemingly impossible plan was devised by none other than Winston Churchill. However, due to the hazardous nature of the plan and the threat that it could backfire, it was scrapped. However, in this scenario, what if the plan wasn't scrapped? What if Operation Unthinkable occurred?

Operation Unthinkable and P.O.D

In early 1945, due to the massive size of the Soviet force deployed in Western Europe, and many western leaders belief that Joseph Stalin could not be trusted, allied forces decided a plan should be set in place in order to deal with the Russian Menace. In March of 1945, Operation Unthinkable was presented. It would begin in July 1st, 1945 and center on an allied drive to the city of Dresden, in the center of Russian lines. After this, much of the allied force would move north to Berlin, while the rest would maintain defensive positions to repel any Soviet counter-attack.

In order to nullify the Soviets nearly four-to-one numerical advantage over the allies, it would involve re-arming nearly all German POWs and conscription on a massive scale.  However, even this would only shorten the numerical difference to around two-to-one in favor of the Soviets. It was deemed that if any progress was to be made into Soviet territory, it would be made purely out of surprise and soon the allies would most likely be fighting a defensive war. Because of this, in late March, the plan was scrapped. Despite this, it would remain the template for nearly every plan western allies made in case of war with the U.S.S.R for the next fifty years.

In this alternate history, the plan is not put forward, but not scrapped either and kept in case of imminent war with the Soviets. And, in 1950, when an incident in the Baltic Sea occurs, this decision pays off and Operation Unthinkable is put in motion. 

Key Events

Note: Will only implement Key Events after the timeline is complete.

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