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Operation Tasmanian devil (Hitler is an American)

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Operation Tasmanian Devil
Date1941 - 1943
Result Pyrric Allied victory
United States of America, Empire of Japan British Empire
American | Japanese British Empire
560,000 560,000
Casualties and losses
209,408 killed,
8,300 wounded
17,000 captured
100,170 killed,
3,010 wounded
He's coming South

An Australian Propaganda Poster about the coming Invasion.

Opposing Forces


The USA and Japan are now on a superior level to the British Empire, having trounced the main fleet at Midway and cutting the British off from Malaya are now about to take the logical step of capturing Australia. However, the British have had most of their forces stationed there.

British Empire

Australia 1942

A Map of the Australian Defence positions of WWII.

Opening Moves

The USA and Japan landed in Darwin at dawn. The battle quickly descended to street-to-street fighting. Fortunately, it did not turn into another NYC to the relief of Macarthur and Yamamoto.


Push to Sydney



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