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Operation Retribution


Operation Laporte

Operation Tamaqua

April 11, 2016




Former Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania




Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag Commonwealth of Susquehanna
Us-pa-be Reading, Pennsylvania

Various Raider Groups


Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag Governor Lou Barletta
Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag Secretary of Defense George Cole
Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag Brigadier William Knotts
Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag Colonel Nicole Vittaly
Us-pa-be Governor John E. Jones III



104 Susquehannean Army National Guard infantry personnel (109th Company)
48 Susquehannean Army National Guard motorized infantry personnel (B,C,D,E Platoons, 103rd Company)
10 Susquehannean Army National Guard logistical personnel (B Squad, Logistics Platoon, Company)
10 Susquehanna Guard personnel (1st Squad) 500 Reading Army National Guard infantry personnel

300 Raiders
1000 civilians impressed into service

Casualties and Losses

Operation Tamaqua is an ongoing operation to destroy the raiders in territory located around the Commonwealth of Susquehanna, as well as secure more territory for both the Commonwealth and Reading. The operation was launched with joint cooperation between the Commonwealth of Susquehanna and the Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at Reading. This operation was part of the Treaty of Pottsville that was signed and ratified in mid 2015.

Military Operations

On April 11th, 2016 the Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Reading both launched joint military operations against the raiders. Combat operations were expected to last one or two months, and were supported by artillery, jeeps, and light attack aircraft on Susquehanna's side, and by artillery, tanks, and fighter jets on the Reading side. Both sides aided the other if needed.

Susquehanna Combat Operations

Susquehanna moved one company of infantry to the

Reading Combat Operations

Security Operations

Cooperation between the Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at Reading

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