Operation Snowhook was a joint US -Alaskan intelligence effort to apprehend and bring to justice leaders of the AOK and ANF from October of 2000 until wide arrests were made between November 8-10, 2005. The program was covertly begun under an agreement between Alaskan Premier Boris Molotov, who requested American assistance, and American President Stephen G. Martin, who expressed an interest in helping the Alaskans fix what other American administrations had previously viewed as a domestic issue for the Alaskans.

The program involved CIA special operations teams targeting ANF training grounds in remote northern regions with Alaskan military backup, ABIS investigations into the finances of Alaska Native groups including the benign Alliance of Alaskan Native Peoples, FBI arrests of Alaskan nationals in the United States and the extraordinary rendition in September of 2005 of six Aleutian men from Siberia under the cover of night by a joint CIA-KGB team. The program was leaked to the public in January of 2006, once Jay Leno was President of the United States, and was heavily criticized by the Alaskan Native community. In 2009, the FBI released all Alaskan nationals arrested in the U.S. due to lack of evidence of complicity.

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