Operation Sealion
Operation Sealion

The German plan for Operation Sealion.

DateJune 14th, 1941 - July 28th 1941
ResultDecisive German Victory

350,000 men,
219 tanks,
450 aircraft

Great Britain:
170,000 men,
74 tanks,
92 aircraft
Military casualties:
212,021 killed,

77,262 wounded
2,112 missing

Military casualties:103,126 killed,

51,383 wounded,
1,421 missing

Operation Sealion was the Invasion of England by Germany's Armed forces in mid 1941.

Opposing Forces


After the Fall of France in 1940, the Führer celebrated victory over the Western Allies. He thought that after the Fall of France, Britain would also surrender. But with Winston Churchill as a main leader, Britain was still standing against the Germans.

The main German battle plan intended to capture all ports in southern England (see the map), and with their paratroopers and special commandos (Brandenburgers) they would achieve complete success and surprise.

Swimming Panzer III

A Swimming Panzer III in use during Operation Sealion.

Great Britain

Britain's Air Force, the RAF was shot down entirely during Unternehmen Adler (Battle of Britain), so Germany had complete air superiority over England. The British, who knew that an invasion after their air force being shot down would be imminent, they mustered all available forces to oppose the Germans.

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