Operation Rogue Ranger was a hypothetical offensive scenario developed in the latter years of the Bush administration, in particular after the success of the Boer-American War and the early stages of American involvement in England. In contrast to the much larger and thoroughly developed Mobile Texas scenario, Rogue Ranger was a contingency plan in which the United States staged a preemptive attack against the French Empire both in Canada, the Bahamas, and against Europe with long-range ballistic missiles developed in the early 1950's. Rogue Ranger never reached the same planning stages as Mobile Texas, however, due to President Prescott Bush expressing deep opposition to giving potentially bellicose American commanders a blueprint with which to independently attack France, and the state of preparedness which Mobile Texas was achieved was never developed. Rogue Ranger would serve as the blueprint for the Russell administration's Green Comet plan during the English Adventure and the later, post-nuclear offensive strategies developed in the early 1960's.

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