Operation Otsu
DateJune 2nd, 1944 - July 9th, 1944
ResultAxis victory
Soviet Union
Empire of Japan
Military casualties:
Empire of Japan:

34,072 killed,
100,264 wounded
152 missing

Soviet Union:
417,006 killed,
671,337 wounded,
368,411 missing

Operation Otsu (操作大津) was the Invasion of the Russian Far East In June 1944.

Origins of the Attack

Opposing Forces

Japanese Empire

Soviet Union

General Apanasenko, commander of the Far East military district,

The Opening Attacks

The initial stages of the attack were very confusing, with many things happening almost simultaneously.

Naval bombardments preceded the mass landing in Shumushuand Paramushiro in Kamchatka, in order to occupy Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky while other forces from Karafuto entered North Sakhalin and made landings in Alexandrovsk and Ohka; while other forces landed in the Kommadorsky islands and Anadyr in the North Pacific area. Similar naval operations were made from Hokkaido and North Honshu against Nikolayevsk, Soviet Bay, and Vladivostok. Some naval forces navigated inside the Amur River against Konsomolsk and struck Khabarovsk.

Aerial operations by massed meduim bombers were made against Petropavlovsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Konsomolsk, Blagoveschesk, Chita, Ulan-Ude and Ulan-Bator and Irkutsk. The principal points Trans-Siberian (Vladivostok/Ulan-Ude and/or Irkustk-Krasnoyarsk lines) and Baikal-Amur lines (incomplete in period) were taken with airborne or paratrooper forces, in a massed airdrop comparable to the German para-drop that captured Baku. Land operations simultaneously struck towards Khabarovsk, Birobidjanand Blagoveschensk with massive artillery strikes and infantry assaults accompanied by armoured forces at the same time as other forces advanced from East Outer Mongolia to occupied Ulan Bator.

Other advances were the invasion of West Outer Mongolia, along the land incursion at Irkutsk area for linking up with the Paratroops holding the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur link.

The Defence of Vladivostok

Soviet artillery firing on japanese positions

Soviet Artillery shelling japanese positions during Operation Otsu .

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