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In 1962, a proposal was made to have the CIA and other government organizations to commit acts of terrorism in America, blame it on Cuba, and use that to justify a war against Cuba.

That proposal was Operation Northwoods.

Of course, the Kennedy Administration put a stop to it. But what if they didn't? What if the USA committed acts of terrorism on itself and blamed it on Cuba?

Would anyone ever find out?


Operation Northwoods was set into motion. America committed real and simulated acts of terrorism, including killing Cuban émigrés, sinking boats with Cuban refugees, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and terrorizing U.S. cities.

This was all blamed on Cuba.

Cuba, of course, denied these claims, but no American believed Cuba anyway. After all, why trust a Communist country? Aren't they the villains?

The press was getting fired up. The acts of terrorism made headlines in newspapers. Much of TV news time was spent on the acts of terrorism and how tragic they were. And the American people were eating it up.

In fact, the American people ate a lot of things up. Propaganda films, calls to arrest any Cuban one sees, rumours spread by the government, you name it, they believed it.

Not a single person outside of the government (and conspiracy theorists no one believed) knew about Operation Northwoods.

The USA declared war on Cuba, hoping to drive Communism out of the nation, and maybe, just maybe, get their 51st state!

The War Begins

American forces immediately went on Navy ships and started advancing in Cuban territory. Believing this war would be over quick, barely any soldiers stayed on American lands.

However, the U.S.S.R. secretly sent Cuba war supplies such as weapons, ammo, tanks, even soldiers! Because of this surplus, Cuba had some soldiers stay and defend Cuba while others went onto American soil.

Cuba had decided to use sneaky hit-and-run tactics to defend against U.S. soldiers.

In Cuba, American soldiers were making great progress. Already controlling one-fourth of Cuba, many people predicted the war would be over soon.

The Cuban soldiers in America, however, started to attack the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Hearing about this, the USA sent over half of its troops from Cuba to New Orleans. The half remaining on Cuba were killed by Cuban and U.S.S.R. soldiers, tanks and planes, who then advanced into America.

American Losses

The American troops came to New Orleans, where Cuban soldiers were besieging the city. The Battle of New Orleans had begun, but the American troops found themselves fighting double the army they had expected. They were not prepared for this, so they were crushed by the Cuban army. After losing half of their troops, while Cuba only lost one-eighth, they retreated while reinforcements came.

The Cubans beat the American soldiers to the Rocky Mountains with their high-speed planes. The American soldiers were wiped out by the Cuban soldiers when they tried to climb the mountains.

After the planes dropped off Cuban soldiers, they kept a few and began advancing to Washington, D.C., bombing Oklahoma City, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Frankfort, and Charleston along the way. The American Air Force was notified of this, and found the Cuban planes just after bombing St. Louis. Even though their were more American planes, the Cubans won the battle when a few Cuban planes distracting the American planes as the rest of the Cuban planes got all the soldiers and continued to Washington, D.C., luring the American planes near the ground, and one dropping a nuke, engulfing all the American planes, as the rest of the Cuban planes retreated as fast as they could. Only half of those Cuban planes survived.

The surviving Cuban planes made it to Washington, D.C., where they promptly attacked important government buildings and several other places. While the American Air Force did come to stop the attack, there was little they could do. Washington, D.C was nearly wiped out. The Cuban planes shot down most of the American planes, which fell down and destroyed the remainder of Washington, D.C. The surviving American planes had to retreat, and Cuba won the battle and destroyed Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, the Cuban soldiers in the south completely controlled Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and New Mexico by besieging their state capitals and controlled East New Mexico. They were also working on Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Some troops even went back to the Caribbean to gain Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. They did fight American troops, but because of the U.S.S.R. donating war supplies and troops, which they did again, it was nothing they couldn't handle.

Cuba controlled so much land they decided to make vassals out of it: The
American-Cuban War!

Map of New Orleans and Puerto Virgo

People's Cuban Republic of New Orleans (or just New Orleans) and The People's Cuban Republic of Puerto Virgo (or just Puerto Virgo) were declared with the capital of New Orleans being, of course, New Orleans and the capital of Puerto Virgo being San Juan. While the USA did not recognize either of their independence, most other countries did.

America was not doing good at all.

The Pentagon

American-Cuban War 2

Map of Cuba's further invasion of America.

The retreating Cuban planes made it to the Pentagon. One pilot figured that, since Cuba did not commit acts of terrorism on the USA, they might have done it themselves. He figured that the document detailing the supposed self-terrorism would be located in the Pentagon.

They dropped of the troops they had into the Pentagon to begin the attack. There was, of course, defense, but it was mainly shot down by the plane's missiles or the soldiers' guns.

A few soldiers found out where the document was located and retrieved it. They told the rest of the soldiers, who retreated into the planes, which flew away after completely destroying the Pentagon.

They had an important document, which they would release to the world.

The Truth

When the document for Operation Northwoods was revealed, the world was shocked. The Warsaw Pact (USSR,
WWIII Cuba VS. America

(This map excludes New Orleans because I'm not good at making new countries on maps) [Blue=America][Light Blue=NATO][Red=Cuba][Orange=Warsaw Pact]

Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania) actually joined the war against America with Cuba. NATO  (USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark. France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, Greece, Turkey and West Germany) decided to join in against Cuba with America after the Warsaw Pact joined. Already, this was turning out to be World War III.



Cuba continued advancing into the USA. Gaining much of the American south, Canada
American-Cuban War 3

New Orleans and Puerto Virgo at their greatest extent.

send the USA could do few things to stop Cuba's USSR support and hit-and-run tactics. Cuba also advanced into the Caribbean, taking colonial islands and Belize! They
Cuban Caribbean!

Cuba's Caribbean territory

split it into the vassals of West Caribbean, East Caribbean and Belize. However, they also invaded the neutral countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. However, this upset many countries in the Americas. While Cuba addressed this issue by announcing no intention to invade any other American nation, Mexico stilled joined in on America's side.

Soon, New Orleans bordered Washington, D.C. Recognizing the importance of this, the rest of the NATO countries sent many troops to America, since they were fighting small nations.

The day before Cuba attacked Washington D.C., the USSR recalled all of its troops and supplies. Cuba still invaded, but lost a significant amount of power.

The battle in Washington, D.C. was a significant loss for Cuba. It sent almost all of its men and was facing troops from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and many European NATO countries, as well as civilians who helped the troops out. The troops quickly gained back land lost to Cuba as Cuba was trying desperately to rebuild its military.


West Germany immediately advanced into East Germany. East Germany tries its hardest to fight back, but West Germany smuggles anti-communist propaganda in, causing massive riots across the country. At one point, West Germans started to destroy the Berlin Wall, as many East Germans pulled on it outside. When East German troops came and were about to climb up the wall, it fell, killing many East German soldiers. East Germany finally gave into West Germany and unified with it. While the USSR sent troops, it was not enough to stop West Germany.

Meanwhile, Czechoslovakia was attempting to invade Germany, so troops from other European countries had to mostly fight for Germany (its #1 priority was to get East Germany, and its #2 priority was to get back the land it lost in both World Wars.) UK, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg came to help, with little help from other NATO European countries. Czechoslovakia was completely invaded quickly, and much like in East Germany, anti-communist propaganda was spread and USSR troops did little to help. Czechoslovakia fell and was split into Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia, which were all on NATO's side.

Italy started to advance in Albania. Like the other two invasions above, anti-communist propaganda was spread and USSR troops did nothing to help. Albania quickly caved in and became a democratic nation on NATO's side.

Norway, Denmark and Icelands' situation was quite different. They were directly facing the USSR along with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The USSR was making great progress in Norway, and was prepared to offer a peace deal with it which made Norway a part of the USSR. However, Denmark, Iceland and Norway seemingly out of nowhere dropped troops into Moscow and started attacking the city. Completely unprepared and in Norway, USSR troops were sent to Moscow, but by the time they got there, the city was destroyed, but not just by NATO, but by anti-Communist rebels as well. They were advancing into other cities, and nearly all of Moscow's population joined NATO forces, and the rest were killed. The NATO soldiers gained more supporters and destroyed many more residencies along the way. Because of the growing number of people invading the USSR, they recalled all of their troops and supplies in Cuba.

Fall of Communism

Coming soon!

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