Operation Falling Snow (Napoleon's World)

American paratroopers landing in Wales

Date January 29, 1953-February 10th, 1953
Location Central Wales
Result American control over roughly 60% of Wales, defeat of last Irish regiment

US flag 48 stars United States of America

Flag of Ireland Ireland
EWA Flag2English Workers Army


US flag 48 stars Maxwell Taylor
Richard Russell
Thomas T. Ford
Robert Jones

Flag of Ireland John A. Costello
EWA Flag2 George Leiter

Operation Falling Snow was a major American military operation initiated on January 29th, 1953, only nine days after the inauguration of President Richard Russell. The operation involved the air-dropping of 40,000 American soldiers as far as fifteen miles beyond areas of Wales already under control of Americans at the beginning of 1953, with the goal being the securing of central Wales. Falling Snow was initiated 36 hours after Operation Cruiser, in which a further 65,000 soldiers staged an amphibious landing at Cardigan Bay between New Quay and Aberstwyth, securing a section of coastline previously uncontrolled by American soldiers.

Falling Snow directly engaged Irish and EWA soldiers strewn throughout Central Wales, defeating the last unit of Irish regulars left after the Battle of Cardiff on the 4th of February. By the 10th of February, Falling Snow's soldiers had secured territory as far east as Crossgate and as far north as Welshpool - the most rapid accession of territory in the course of the war.