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Operation Corsair
Inland raid campaign
Timeline: The Return
date: August, 1991 - July, 1998
location: Mainland Spain, Southern France and Northern Africa
result: Material retrieved during the raids allowed for the islands to survive the difficult first years of the outbreak

Balearic Armed Forces



Fulgenci Coll


Operation Corsair was a military operation launched by the government and military of the Balearic Islands which consisted in a campaign of military raids in Northern Africa and south western Europe.

Those raids, during which thousands of tons of ammunition, technology and other essential goods were retrieved, allowed for the citizens of the archipelago to survive for many years until the islands could be self-sufficient. In addition, thousands of survivors were rescued and evacuated during the more than 215 missions performed under Operation Corsair.

Raid objectives

Alacant, Cartagena, Denia, Málaga, Múrcia, Tarragona.


Operation Corsair came to an end in 1998 when Operation Enclave was launched by the BAF. It resulted in the establishment of an enclave, the Manga del Mar Menor settlement, in mainland Spain.

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