Operation Consequence (Port: ) was the military offensive by Brazil into southern Colombia in November of 1977, viewed as commencing with Hugo Savala's declaration on November 10 that Brazil had "the right and justification to remove threats to its sovereignty and security beyond its borders" and was followed by the 11/11 bombings of ERB camps by the National Air Force.

Consequence's primary operational package was via air power, but it included the mobilization of 30,000 Brazilian soldiers that moved rapidly through poorly-defended southern Colombia, despite Colombian efforst to reinforce the frontier for over a year. Brazilian soldiers quickly advanced through unpopulated Amazonian jungle but became bogged down by guerrilla warfare by local villagers and ERB commandos, Colombian airstrikes and the deployment of American soldiers to Colombia in early 1978. Brazil was also caught off guard by the Colombian declaration of war against Brazil on November 20 - Savala and his aides had expected Colombia to give up the ERB bases without hesitation to avoid a broader conflict. Brazil was forced to deploy an additional 200,000 soldiers to Colombia in February of 1978 as the war settled in.

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