Operation Anaconda was a covert mission instigated jointly by the CIA and United States Department of Defense during the French occupation of Siam during the early and mid-1990's. The core of Anaconda was the provision of direct funds to the various factions fighting French control and the direct importation of American and Chinese-made weapons into Siam. Anaconda relied heavily on local smugglers and a good relationship with the Chinese government that allowed for an expanded rate of gun-running into Siam than was previously possible when only the Chinese were involved.

Due largely to Chinese support, Anaconda was a tremendous success and many in the intelligence and military fields credit the efforts of the CIA with ending the French presence in Siam and thus also effectively ending the Second Era of the Cold War.

Anaconda went through two phases: direct aid, under the Robert Redford administration, and an expanded, cooperative phase, under the administration of John Burwin. George Bush, the Vice President from 1989-1993 and a former CIA director, is often credited with being the mastermind behind Anaconda.

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