Operation: Vulture was the codename of the Axis invasion of Brazil by Chile, Argentina, and Germany. It began in early 1943 and is currently an ongoing conflict.

Henshel Tank poster

A poster for the new Henshel tanks, used by the Argentinian Army


NOTE: These forces are the initial forces sent in 1943


Third Reich: 135,000 Infantry, 450 Panzer IIIs, IVs, 90 Artillery Pieces, 600 He 111s, Ju 88s, Ju 87s, Bf 109s, Fw 190s, 1 Battleship, 5 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers.

Nationalist Argentina: 4,170,000 Infantry, 1,255 Bombaredos Aire's, 13 Battleships, 1,720 Henshels, and 4 destroyers.

Chile: 275,000 infantry, 1 Battleship

Nationalist Spain: 500,000 infantry


America: 2,000,000 Infantry Known air force involvement with P-51 Mustangs.

Brazil: At least 235,000 Infantry. Unknown amount of tanks, airplanes, and ships.

Axis Attack


German Attacks Operation Vulture 2

The 22nd Army's plan of attack.

Adolf Hitler had sent multiple divisions, panzers, artillery pieces, and aircraft to Argentina in early 1943 at their request for Operation; Vulture. The convoy was escorted by a number of warships. The convoy arrived safely without any attempt by the Americans to attack it. Later in 1943, the Argentinians advanced into Uruguay under orders from Juan Peron. The German force, named the 22nd Army by OKW. It was lead by General der Infanterie Hörnlein. Juan Peron mistakingly thought he commanded the 22nd Army.
Germans Surrender Operation Vulture

German soldiers surrendering to Americans in Operation:Vulture's first wave.

His commands were ignored as Hörnlein continued with his own plans. The main bulk force, the 179th Panzers, 25th Panzers, 29th Infantry, and 20th Panzer Grenadiers would sweep across Uruguay within an estimate of three months, supported by Argentinians.

The rest of the forces, the 18th Artillery, 99th Light Infantry, and the Panzer Grenadiers GrossDeutschland would swoop around to the western border with Brazil to deny access. The 18th stayed close enough to the main force to provide support. The Argentinians rushed through the south, supported by the 22nd Army. They got beaten by a strong joint Brazilian-American offensive. Generals Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton came in from three different positions, and attacked the Axis army. The Axis held for a period but was beaten back. It then forced it's way through in the second assault and won.

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