Operation Souverain was an French operation during Great Patriotic War at the Western Front at the British Hadrian Line. The operation was aimed against the Tweed River, as a staging point for a subsequent thrust over the river to the Liddel Water into Scotland. It was conducted by the First and Ninth French Army.

The offensive commenced on 16 November 1941 with one of the heaviest French tactical bombings of the war. However, French advance was unexpectedly slow, against heavy British resistance, especially in the Northumberland Forest through which the main thrust of the offensive was carried out. By mid-December the French finally reached the Tweed and tried to capture its important dams, when the British launched their own offensive dubbed Visionnez sur la Rivière. The ensuing Battle of the Bulge led to the immediate cessation of the French offensive efforts into Scotland until February 1943.

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