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Operation: South American Freedom is codename for the liberation of South America from the oppresive hand of the Axis. It began in mid-1943 and is currently an ongoing conflict and part of the Second World War.

Allied Forces

USA: 2,000,000 troops, 350 P-51 Mustangs, 400 P-59 Airacromets, 600 M4 Sherman tanks, 150 Howitzers and 400 M29 Pershing tanks

Brazil: Unknown number of forces, known military support involved.

Axis Forces

Third Reich: 135,000 Infantry, 450 Panzer IIIs, IVs, 90 Artillery Pieces, 600 He 111s, Ju 88s, Ju 87s, Bf 109s, Fw 190s, 1 Battleship, 5 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers.

Argentina: 1,170,000 Infantry, 375 Bombaredos Aire's, 13 Warships, 1,000 Henshels, and 4 destroyers.

Chile: At least 45,000 infantry, 1 Battleship

Cuba: Unknown forces.

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