POD: Hitler sits in his chair thinking of the decisions he would make. It is 1933, he now controls the entire Reich with no man or women not working for him. His only trouble was what to do with the Jews. Although they had been his main target and always would be, they had skills that could prove useful during the conquest of Europe. He wondered for a minute..then stopped himself and ordered his staff to come immediately. Once they all arrived, Hitler announced that he wanted to make announcement to all Jews: Work for the Reich or die.


Hitler never orders the killing of Jews, avoiding the holocaust. Instead, he wants them to work for Germany to help prepare Germany for their conquests. This one decision makes some very important Jews, such as Albert Einstein, stay and work for the Reich depending on their skills (for some).

1940: Operation Scorched Earth

After the spectacle invasion of Poland, the war turned west toward France and Great Britain, the two nations where the last barrier before the invasion of the Soviet Union and victory for the Third Reich, but Hitler believed that Norway would provide a perfect base of operations against the tow nations. On April 9th, Operation Weserübung began with the destruction of Oslo by 50 Stuka Dive bombers and 80 Heinkel He 111, about eighty percent of the city was destroyed, fifty percent of the population was also lost, including the royal family and most of his advisors. This attack left the nation stunned and as soon as German paratroopers reached the ground, Norway surrendered; this, of course, would not be accepted by France or Great Britain and a strike force was sent to counter the Germans before they could establish a foothold. This attempt was continually hampered by German submarines and Stukas who managed to destroy one-third of the hold force before it reached its destination: Narvik. German ore went through this port from Sweden before being shipped off to Germany, the occupation of Narvik was believed to be the one key to slowing down the German war machine, unfortunately they where wrong. In April 7th, German tanks and paratroops attacked the town of Narvik full speed, catching the defenders and local population by surprise. Street fighting occurred across the whole town while British Spitfires battled against the overwhelming Messerschmitt's. On April 9th, the British and French attempted to rescue the remaining forces in Narvik and in other cities before encountering (to Be continued later on)

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