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Operation: Kaiserfallen (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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Operation: Kaiserfallen
Principia Moderni III
Date 1502-1504
Location Duchy of Hamburg
Result Decisive Albionic Victory
  • Proclamation of the Grand Duchy of Hamburg
  • Granting of Hamburg lands to Hesse
UKGA 1 United Kingdoms of Greater Albion
  • Flag of Eire Kingdom of Eire

EU4Hesse Grand Duchy of Hesse

Supported by:
Flag of the Kalmar Union Scandinavian Empire

Flag of ducal Hamburg PM3 V2 Hamburg
  • Mecklenburg Arms Duchy of Mecklenburg
  • Wappen Erzbistum Bremen Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen
  • Flag of the Free City of Lübeck Free City of Lübeck
  • Holstein Arms County of Holstein
  • Wappen Erzbistum Magdeburg Archbishopric of Magdeburg

Supported by:
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) Bavaria
PMIII Flag of Oldenburg Oldenburg

Flag of ducal Hamburg PM3 V2 20,000
  • Mecklenburg Arms 20,000

Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) 5,000 volunteers

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