Operation Boadicca was a joint British-American operation against French-occupation in the United Kingdom. The operation began on January 11, 1942 and ended on March 14, 1942.


Operation Boadicca was planned by Field Marshal Montgomery after the British Army, whom were nearly defeated by the French, desperately needed military supplies and reinforcements from the United States in exchange for a military support in the Pacific. The U.S. agreed to this, and sent American/Canadian forces that were sent to Wales, England to rendezvous with a British resistance forces during Operation Endeavour. Meanwhile, the United States, having entered the war, stations its U.S. Seventh Fleet off Ireland and begins bombing raids on the southwest coast of England, as well as supplying men and equipment to a resurgent partisan movement.

After British South Army defended Birmingham and the French Fourth Army was destroyed, the British Army advances toward London. The British radioed the U.S in requesting those 20,000 men which they immediately agreed. With the 20,000 men, along with tanks and air support, the combined American-British lead their final assault on London.

Battle of London

-British commandos in the shattered outskirts of Wesel

British commandos in the shattered outskirts of London

On 1 March, 1942 the tide of war has turned, and the British and U.S. militaries launch "Operation Lionheart", large offensive into southern French-occupied England to recover the territory lost.The joint Allied forces entered London almost unscathed, and all was seemingly well until they were under threat by French reinforcements they are armed with missiles, containing chemical agents and the likelihood of infecting the Allied armies. Soon, French tanks and artillery situated near the inner defenses of the London on the side of the Thames River opposite to the advancing Allied forces, and were on the move in destroying the Allied forces.

Several task forces were sent to prevent the French's advances by destroy some of the major bridges on the Thames. One last bridge, Southwark Bridge, was to be destroyed by Task Force Five led by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright. However, the French closing on the Allied forces launched a chemical attack on them. Fortunately, the bridges were destroyed by US bombers and the French tanks that were crossing the bridge at the time were destroyed. 

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