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Timeline: Crescents
Official languages Oneegan
Regional Languages Native Dialects
Demonym Oneeganese
Religion Labism
Government Tribal Chiefdom
 -  TBD 1500 B.C. 
 -  TBD TBD 
 -  TBD TBD 
 -  TBD TBD 
 -   estimate TBD 
Currency Wolf Teeth

The Oneegan Empire (Oneegian: On-E-Gan) was a nation that around of lake Superior of the OTL great lakes from 1500 B.C to 1200 B.C. The Oneegans were claimed to be the first North American Great Lakes nation in North America, as well as having a common currency and prestigious infrastructure.


The word Oneegan came from the blabber of traveling nomads meaning wolf, or dog. Dogs, used as hunting tools by the Indians, were known for their superiority to other animals, sometimes comparing up to horses on some standards. A man named Hau'labbi - the first leader of the original tribe - was known for having at least 6 dogs at his side at a time. Legend said he used those 6 dogs to chase wild spirts out of a living being, as each of the dogs represented wisdom, equality, youth, strength, power, and justice. People began to worship Hau'labbi and his dogs, as the religion of Labism was now worshipped.

The people, now followers of this new philosophy, were now loyal to the family of Hau'labbi, and worshiped him and his family. The first son of Hau'labbi, Juhh Okei, took power and established the Oneegan Empire in OTL Madison. Juhh Okei prayed often to his father often, promising that he would spread his word to all of their world. He gave birth to 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls

One night, when Juhh Okeis son - Araphotho - was sleeping, the six dogs of wisdom appeared to him with his father saying "There are people lost south of you, people who are hungry, powerless, and unfathful, who need help. Find them to teach them how to be people, people who have faith in me". Upon hearing this word, the Oneegans expanded into the islolated area south of Lake Supeior and north of the Mississippi civilizations to give faith to th lost barren people in the area.