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Plasmid nuclear bomb
A typical nuclear bomb being tested
On the morning of Sunday 11th October 2015, nobody knew what was going to happen.

It was a typical autumn Sunday morning. Christians went to church and non-Christians had a lie-in. They dreaded work for the next day. Little did they know that they weren't even going to go to work, but they would be ether dead or very very ill.

In this Live History TL on Sunday 11th October 2015 doomsday occurred after a little incident. This little incident would cause World War 3 between BRICSSGJ and NATO and destroy billions of humans and life as we know it on this Earth. Welcome to the world of 2015: Doomsday in Live History.

Please read the 'Information before 11th October 2015' before reading. It would make the whole timeline make more sencs.

This is a Live History TL so it progresses NOW, in real life.

Information before the 11th October 2015

POD 1: In this ATL Japan and America weren't as close. In 2000 they had an argument and Japan cut all ties with America and created a counter alliance with Russia called 'BJ'.

POD 2: As the Soviet Union was left in ashes, Russia decided to have absolutely NO ties with America which would make American-Russian relations worst as they ever been. In 2000, Japan and Russia formed an anti American counter alliance called 'BJ'. Later more nations would join this alliance.

POD 3: Spain left the EU in 2009.

POD 4: In 2012 a new leader called 'Xi Lap' decided to cut all ties with America and join the Russian Alliance.

POD 5: In this ATL China didn't have an industrial Revolution.

POD 6: South Africa leaves the Commonwealth in 2010 and joined the Russian Alliance.

POD 7: Brazil joins the Russian counter alliance in 2001.

POD 8: The War against terrorism is still going on due to the Russian counter alliance aiding the Taliban.

POD 9: As of 11th October 2015 ISIS is in a much greater position in the Syrian Civil War due to RRICSSJ aid.

POD 10: Iran joined the Russian counter alliance in 2008. This means that today Iran-American relations are still bad.

POD 11: In the Crimean Crisis Russia invaded Ukraine and easily took control of it. After months of negotiations with America, Russia decided to split Ukraine in half.

POD 12: In the Georgian-Russian War Russia took control of Georgia.

POD 13: Belarus is annexed in Russia in 2014.



Week 2

Sunday 11th October 2015

World War III begins.

BBC News: 9:01: BREAKING NEWS: Spanish troops march into Gibraltar! British troops who are stationed in Gibraltar make a defensive line by the airport, which Spanish troops smash through. A blockade begins of Gibraltar which means that no ships can aid the fight.

Gibraltar Government: 9:21: ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE PEOPLE OF GIBRALTAR: Every man for themselves, the Gibraltar government surrenders to Spain.

BBC News: 10:09: BREAKING NEWS: After over a hour of fighting around Gibraltar seas, British ships are able to go to Gibraltar and fight the Spanish.

Spanish News: 10:30: BREAKING NEWS: Spain has completely taken over Gibraltar, over 100,000 British troops are trapped in Gibraltar, most of them are taken as prisoners and are kept by the Spanish army.

British Army: 10:32: Tries to evacuate as many troops as they can so the Spanish don't get them. We order that we prepares for an invasion of Northern Spain.

BBC News: 11:00: A British naval fleet leaves Plymouth, about 500,000 brave troops are or them ships. The fleet will arrive in two hours. Britain also asks America for help in the invasions.

Fox News: 11:01: Obama prepares for a speech about the Spanish problem.

Fox News: 11:02: LIVE FROM WASHINGTON DC: Obama says that he will send 2000 American troops to fight the Spanish in the Northern Spansish invasion. He also advises Spain to give Britain back to Gibraltar.

Spanish News: 11:02: The Spanish army rushes to the North of Spain to defend from the invasion.

BBC News: 11:43: BREAKING NEWS: Putin, the Russian leader, has warned the Britain to back off from Spain and that Spain deserves Gibraltar.

BBC News: 12:00: Lunch Time Report: No response of Britain or America after the Russian threat. British ships are half way to Spain.

BBC News: 12:43: BREAKING NEWS: Putin, the Russian leader, says 'Seriously guys, don't invade Northern Spain or you'll be sorry.'

Russian News: 12:50: BREAKING NEWS: With no response from Britain, a Russian nuclear bomb gets ready to be fired.

Spanish News: 12:58: Spanish troops arrive at Northern Spain.

BBC News: 12:58: BREAKING NEWS: Russia has fired a nuclear bomb in Britain's direction. PEOPLE OF LONDON. FLEE!


Russian News: 1:01: It is reported that millions of Londoners have died due to the bomb dropped by Russia.

Fox News: 1:01: America declares war on Russia and send three nuclear missiles to Russian cities.

Fox News: 1:05: The three nuclear bombs lands at Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the other failed in Siberia.




America (got nukes)

Britain (got nukes)

France (got nukes)

EU countries.

All of Africa.

Rest of the world except from a few neutrals.



Russia (got nukes)

China (got nukes)


South Africa

Fighting in the war:

Fighting in Africa:

South Africa's invasion of countries north of them. South Africa wins.

Spain invasion of Morocco. Spain wins.

Fighting in Europe:

French invasion of East Spain. France wins.

British and American Invasion of North Spain. America and Britain wins.

Fighting in Ukraine. Draw.

Fighting along the Russian-EU border. EU makes slight advances.

Fighting in Asia:

Fighting between NATO and Russia in the Caucus. NATO makes gains.

China invasion of India and Nepal. Draw.

Russia and China invasion of Mongolia. Mongolia nearly conquered.

China and Japan invasion of Korea. China and Japan makes major gains.

China invasion of Taiwan. Taiwan nearly conquered.

Fighting between Japanese and Chinese together vs America. America wins all battles.

Fighting in South America:

Brazil invades its neighbours. Brazil makes minor gains.

Week 3

Monday 12th October 2015

World War III continues.

Global News Channel: 1:00: It has been one day since Doomsday has started and there's no sight for it to end. Most of the worlds major cities has been nuked and a few countries has already been conquered. A few countries now are at in bitter war with each other. It's hotter than it is usually. This war will probably end in roughly a week.

Global News Channel: 11:59: The war at this moment:

South Africa's invasion of its Northern neighbors continue to be a success.

Spain invasion of Morocco: Spain's wins and makes major gains.

French invasion of East Spain: France makes major gains.

British and American invasion of Spain: The Allies capture the Northern coast of Spain.

Spanish invasion of Portugal: Standstill

Fighting in Ukraine: Russia breaks threw.

Fighting along the EU and Russian border: Back to original border.

Fighting in the Caucus: NATO makes gains.

China invasion of Nepal and India: Draw.

Mongolia conquered

China and Japan makes gains in Korea.

Taiwan conquered.

Brazil wins wars in South America.

American ships take most important of the Pacific, they prepare for an invasion of East Japan and East China.

Tuesday 13th October 2015

World War III continues, there might be an end in sight. All the major cities in the world have been obliterated.

Global News Channel: 1:00: World War III is on Day Three now and the end isn't in sight. Being one of the shortest wars in history, it has already killed the most people with roughly two billion people being killed and many more to come. This war has affected most people on this Earth with people being sick, have to move out due to radiation, going to the army Or just being killed. People pray now for the end of this terrible war.

Fox News: 21:12: It has been released that somehow Obama has survived Doomsday. He gives a speech about ending this terrible war. He calls for all leaders of the world to meet in Mexicali to discuss peace terms. However, by the end of the speech, about 21:15, Obama has been assassinated by a Chinese assassin and what's hope of peace now is far from reality.

Global News Channel: 11:59: The war as it stands at the moment.

South Africa has conquers all of its neighbours.

Morocco has been nearly conquered by Spain.

France makes major gains in Spain, it takes Barcelona in a bloody battle. They are now marching to Madrid.

British and American invasion of Northern Spain: The allies has conquered all the Northern parts of Spain and now is marching to Madrid.

Portugal breaks through the Spanish line.

Russia makes gains in Ukraine, nearly conquers Ukraine.

Fighting along the EU and Russia: EU makes slight gains.

NATO makes gains in Southern Russia.

China invasion of Nepal and India: Nepal surrenders to India and half of it splits between India and Nepal. India makes slight gains.

Both Koreas fall under China and Japan.

Brazil wins wars in South America.

America begins a shock invasion of East Japan.

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Global News Channel: 1:00: Three days since Doomsday has started. Most of the nuclear wepons of the world have been used by know, what's left of the war comes along to brute force. Many battles are fought everywhere. People cry out for this war to end. The war has roughly killed about 2.7 billion people since Sunday. Many rebels groups in all countries take the opportunity to create chaos in them countries and nothing people cant do to stop them due to their armies being away.

Global News Channel: 11:59: The war at the moment.

South Africa retreats due to rebels in the country. What's left of the land they ran away from is left in anarchy.

Spain collapses. The land is slip between Britain, France, Portugal and Morocco.

Ukriane and Moldavia has been conquered. Russia explores into Europe.

Russia makes gains in all of Europe.

While Russian armies are at Eastern Europe, rebellions start in Siberia.

India continues to make small gains in Nepal.

Brazil wins wars in South America. They have conquered Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana, and made gains in Venezuela, Argentina. They also nearly conquered Ecuador and Peru.

America continues there invasion of East Japan, conquering half of Japan. Japan are on the verge of collapse.

Thursday 15th October 2015

Global News Channel: 1:00: World War III continues with all of its gory. The last day has been the least tally of deaths with roughly 100 million people dying. However, many more people the due to sickness linked to all the nuclear explosions. The death tally now is 2.8 billion people. This continues to drop as the days go on. Rebels continue to rage in every country. A few more, some powerful a few days ago, collapses. A plague begins to develop in the mists of West American cities.

Global News Channel: 5:00: Nation's leaders are invited to a conference in Cooktown.

Global News Channel: 11:59: The war at the moment:

South Africa stabilises and asks for peace with neighbours. This will be discussed at Cooktown.

Japan collapses. China and America quickly invades lands so they could beat each other to it. America now owns Japan and China owns South Korea. An invasion of Korea and Taiwan begins with major gains being made by America.

India continues to make small gains in Nepal.

Brazil conquers Ecuador and Peru. They make gains in Argentina and they have nearly conquered Venezuela.

The Republic of Siberia declares independence.

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