On A Black Horse is a part of the Live History project. The timeline explores the aftermath of the apocalyptic Chinese Flu that ravaged the world during the Eighties. The leading source of news is the United Nations Bureau of Communications, which was established by the United Nations from the remnants of the world's news networks.



September 16th, 2011: Virginia Regains Lost Territory

The Republic of Virginia has recently reannexed the former State of West Virginia following the Charleston War. The people of both of the states celebrate, as it means the end of the opressive fascist dictatorship that had seized control of the state following the Great Plague. Surviving members of the Thompson regime are executed after a following the Richmond Trials.

September 16th, 2011: New York Conquers Penn Republic For Oil Resources

The jingoistic Empire of New York conquers the peaceful Penn Republic for the nation's supply of oil. The Empire, keen on oil to fuel it's military for their intended "Wars of Liberation" through the New England states, violates their non-aggression agreement with the Penn Republic for their own benefit. The Penn President and some of the higher government officials are executed by firing squad after a show trial.

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