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Omn In'saik is a semi-mythical figure of Native Antarctican lore, regarded as the founder of the K'athar. His existence is dubious and argued amongst scholars, especially due to the mythical deeds he accomplished, although archaelogical evidence does suggest a unison amongst numerous K'athar tribes in Antarctica, as well as a K'athar presence as far north as Tierra del Fuego in Chile, at some point in the 12th century. Omn In'saik is often styled as the Sha'k Mot At'aiy, the "High King," and is credited with uniting the warring nine warring tribes of the contemporary era under his peaceful and wise rule after an eight year war. Some scholars compare his role in native tradition as similar to that of David or Solomon in the Hebrew tradition - a wise king who was as noble a ruler as he was brave a warrior.

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