Omega Level Entertainment
Former type Corporation
Predecessor Omega Level Comics
Founded 1999
Entrepreneur Kevin Davies
Headquarters Comox Valley
Area served Victoria, North American Union, Canada, Astoria, Oregon, New Britain
Product Comics, Movies, Television, Books, Magazines
Divisions Omega Level Comics, Omega Level Studios, Pacific Distribution

Omega Level Entertainment is a major entertainment and media corporation based in Comox Valley, Victoria. It originated as a small publisher of comic books and has risen to become one of the leading entertainment media corporations in all of North America.


Founded in 1999 by Kevin Davies in the city of Comox Valley, Victoria as Comox Valley Comics. Tired of the comic titles coming out of Victoria's major publisher at the time, Pacific Coast Publishing, Kevin recruited several young artists and amateur writers to begin self publishing a few books. Sales were brisk for the first few issues but picked up by mid 2000. In 2001 the company had managed to establish itself as a major local publisher expanding printing facilities to keep up with demand and expanding to five titles. In 2003 they began producing their Star Wars title, which was an instant smash hit. Sales of Star Wars allowed further expansion and sales beyond Vancouver Island, expanding into the Washington territories and mainland. The company was then renamed Omega Level Comics after a term coined in the company's #2 seller, X. In 2007 Omega Level bought rival publisher Pacific Coast Publishing, keeping the book and magazine parts of the business under the PCP label, and folding the comics titles into the Omega Level brand. In 2010 Omega Level reached a deal with American Comics to release Omega Level titles in the ANZC as American Comics owns the copyright to many characters utilized by Omega Level in the ANZC. Branch offices are being opened in the NAU, Canadian Remainder Provinces, and New Britain and publication is began in September of 2010. Also in September of 2010 Omega Level acquired Nanaimo film studio Island Films, initializing an expansion into television and film. The company was then reorganized into Omega Level Entertainment, with film, comics, and publishing/distribution subsidiaries.

Omega Level Comics

List of Titles

Omega Level titles have been established as using the Marvel multiverse mechanics in order to make use of a variety of established characters, while keeping a separate continuity. In it the Nova Corps are replaced by the DC Green Lantern Corps, and due to the massive concentration of heroes in New York, it survived and is the new capital of the United States, which has become increasingly authoritarian. Its multiverse designation is 5267. While the regular 616 marvel universe concentrated most of the stories and characters on New York, the 5267 universe spreads them out more.

Titles utilizing existing characters:

  • Union Jack - A british super-soldier who protects New Britain from foes both natural and supernatural.
  • Alpha Flight - A super team operated by the government of the Canadian Remainder Provinces.
  • Knights of Pendragon - A team of heroes granted powers by Merlin who protect the people of the British Isles.
  • Green Lantern - Follows the exploits of Jack Barrowman, a Victorian sailor who is granted the power of the ring after Hal Jordan and John Stewart die protecting San Francisco on Doomsday.
  • Green Lantern Corps - Follows a group of Green Lanterns and their adventures around the galaxy.
  • Amazing Fantasy - 6 issue story arcs utilizing the new-york based Marvel characters.
  • Journey Into Mystery - 6 issue story arcs utilizing the fantasy based Marvel characters(Dr. Strange, Ghostrider, etc.)
  • MI-13 - A New British government agency formed to investigate and deal with strange happenings within New Britain.
  • Captain America - With the US based in New York becoming increasingly authoritarian, Steve Rogers, disillusioned travels across the wastelands of America searching for a light of hope, and inspiring the people he encounters to fight tyranny and injustice.

Original Titles

  • Black Press - Features a reporter named Edward Jamieson, a former black ops operative, who travels the world aiding struggling doomsday survivors and writing their tales. Stories are told in the past tense in the style of a news article.
  • White Pulsar - Features a college student named Wendyl Jackson who gains the ability to generate energy from his body during a failed lab experiment. He then builds a suit in order to focus and utilize this power. His arch nemesis is Inverse, his former lab partner thought killed in the same experiment, but managed to come back as a negative reflection of himself with the ability to drain energy and fire it back.
  • X - About a group of mutants in the Victorian controlled areas of Washington state.
  • Department X - Follows the exploits of a former all mutant unit of the Royal Victorian Armed Forces and their fight against the government department devoted to researching and utilizing mutants at all cost.

Titles Outside continuity

  • Star Wars - Takes place after Return of the Jedi following new and classic characters
  • Star Wars: Jedi Order - Follows several new characters from Luke Skywalkers new Jedi Order.
  • Star Wars: New Empire - Follows several Imperial loyalists as they attempt to maintain the Galactic Empire's influence in one corner of the galaxy and their founding of an order of Imperial Jedi.
  • GI Joe: Based on the animated mini-series, follows a crack team of US anti-terrorist commandos as they face the forces of Cobra. Takes place in a universe in which Doomsday didn't happen.

Current Best-sellers

The 10 best-selling Omega Level titles and their places on the Victorian top 25.

  • Star Wars: #1
  • X: #2
  • Star Wars: Jedi Order: #3
  • White Pulsar: #5
  • Green Lantern: #6
  • Alpha Flight:#7
  • Union Jack:#9
  • Star Wars: New Empire: #10
  • Black Press: #11
  • Amazing Fantasy: #12
  • Green Lantern Corps: #13
  • Knights of Pendragon: #15

Omega Level Studios

When Omega Level Comics purchased Island Films in 2010, the studio was renamed Omega Level Films. A subsidiary animation studio was also established in Comox Valley under the Omega Level Studios brand and the Nanaimo facilities will be expanded to begin television production as well.

Pacific Distribution

Pacific Distribution was once Pacific Coast Publishing, a major rival to Omega Level that was purchased in 2007. This made Omega Level the dominant publisher of books, magazines, and comics in all of the Commonwealth of Victoria. When Omega Level was re-organized in 2010, Pacific Coast Publishing was re-named Pacific Distribution and its operations expanded to include the publishing and distribution of Films and Home Video