'Olympus Mons

The Wandering Tribes of Olympus Timeline: Earth's Brother

Olympian Flag
Flag of Olympus
Capital: Olympus Hills
Largest city: Uranus Patera
Other cities: Uranus Tholus,Tharsis Tholus, Pavonis Mons

Olymoid Dialects

Amazonian (what educated Olympians speak)

Fighting Rock
Population: ~ 3,000,000 inh.
Independence: 1304 M.C.
'Currency: Barter

The mountain for which the recently created nation is named, is over three times taller than Mt. Everest on Earth. The region has many of Mars' tallest mountains. The Martians here are very poor but fearlessly fight off the frequent Amazonian raiders. It was only six years ago that this tiny nation drove the hated Amazonians out. Technology here is almost non-existent and rocks are still used as weapons. Most people follow local tribal religions, but many cults sprang up here when in 1271 M.C. Earth Robots arrived. Since then though, those cults have died out, even if Humans have yet come to Olympus.

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