List of Olympic Games

Year Olympiad Host City Opened by
1874 I Paris, France Napoleon III
1878 II Bordeaux, France Napoleon III
1882 III Olympia, Greece George I
1886 IV Madrid, Spain Francis III
1890 V Stockhom, Sweden Jean IV
1894 VI Paris, France Napoleon V
1898 VII Rome, Italy Umberto II
1902 VIII London, Great Britain George V
1906 IX Tokyo, Japan Mutsuhito
1910 X New York, USA Theodore Roosevelt
1914 XI Paris, France None
1918 XII Dublin, Ireland None
1922 XIII Brussels, Benelux William VI
1926 XIV Vienna, Austria Karl I
1930 XV Dublin, Ireland Eamon de Valera
1934 XVI Quebec, USA Franklin D. Roosevelt
1938 XVII Berlin, Germany William III
1942 XVIII Tel Aviv, Israel None
1946 XIX Athens, Greece Paul I
1950 XX Moscow, USSR Georgy Zhukov
1954 XXI Madrid, Spain Francis V
1958 XXII Ciduad Diaz, Mexico Adolfo Lopez Mateos
1962 XXIII New York, USA John F. Kennedy
1966 XXIV Moscow, USSR Leonid Brezhnev
1970 XXV Tel Aviv, Israel Peretz Bernstein
1974 XXVI Seoul, Japan Akihito
1978 XXVII Buenos Aires, Argentina
1982 XXVIII Los Angeles, USA Ronald Reagan
1986 XXIX Paris, France Francois Mitterrand
1990 XXX Moscow, USR Boris Yeltsin
1994 XXXI Mumbai, India Rajiv Gandhi
1998 XXXII Dublin, Ireland Mary McAleese
2002 XXXIII London, Great Britain Charles III
2006 XXXIV
2010 XXXV Chicago, USA Sarah Palin
2014 XXXVI Nehru, India Subrata Gandhi

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