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The Olympic Games are a bi-annual sporting event held worldwide. Unlike OTL when it was the late 20th Century before the Olympics became bi-annual, they were done immediately after Berlin 1936.

Olympic Hosts Since 1936

Paris 1938 - Summer


Yellowknife 1940 - Winter


San Francisco 1942 - Summer


Helsinki 1944 - Winter


Monterrey 1946 - Summer


Geneva 1948 - Winter


St Petersburg 1950 - Summer


Andorra la Vella 1952 - Winter

While many people criticized the IOC for using one of the European microstates for the "World Rebirth" Olympiad, the Andorran Olympics have gone down as one of the best, with several very competitive events, and a great production overall from the Andorrans, Andorra la Vella '52 has gone down as one of the greatest Olympiads of all time. It's also believed the resounding success of Andorra la Vella '52 led to the IOCs immediate choice of original long shot candidate San Marino for the 1956 Winter Olympics.

New York 1954 - Summer

San Marino 1956 - Winter

The second—and final—time a microstate hosted an Olympiad, San Marino is known for undoing all of the process microstates made with Andorra la Vella 1952. After it became evident that several high-ranking Sammarine, Italian and Vatican officials bribed members of the IOC to choose San Marino over the more popular choice, Calgary. The Sammarine team didn't win a single event, and skater Maria Del Torre's famous explosion at the Belgian judge for giving her a 8.5, and diminishing her overall score.

Los Angeles 1958 - Summer

Moscow 1960 - Winter

Ho Chi Minh City 1962 - Summer


Havana 1964 - Summer

1964 would've been a winter Olympics, but the IOC decided to make up for the more popular summer Olympics by giving it to Havana and delaying the Winter Olympics for another two years.

Some nations opposed the IOC choosing three straight Socialist-Communist nations, but no one boycotted Havana, unlike Ho Chi Minh City in 1962. Havana was mostly unmemorable as an Olympiad.

Stockholm 1966 - Winter

Absolutely nothing went right for the Swedes. Stockholm '66 was considered among the worst Olympiads in history, and until the disaster that was Vladivostok '92, the worst Olympiad of all time. From uproarious fans, to the vandalism in the Olympic Village, to the discovery that Swedish politicians bribed members of the IOC to choose Stockholm over Yellowknife, Canada,

New Delhi 1968 - Summer

Paris 1970 - Winter

Quebec City 1972 - Summer

Ulaanbaatar 1974 - Winter

Mongolia's first, and only, Olympics was a culture shock for most of the world. A very long, drawn out and traditional opening ceremony bored most of the international crowd, and a positively boring games marred Ulaanbaatar '74.

Cairo 1976 - Summer

Sydney 1978 - Winter

Los Angeles 1980 - Summer

Helsinki 1982 - Winter

Toronto 1984 - Summer

Dublin 1986 - Winter

Madrid 1988 - Summer

Cape Town 1990 - Winter

South Africa's first time hosting the event, it showed the world that South Africa had moved on from Apartheid. The United States was banned from competition following the "New Years Invasion", the US invasion of the Republic of the Pacific was deemed illicit by many nations and supranational bodies, and thus the IOC banned them for 1990, a mere month before the games were to begin. Without the United States, several countries that were usually silver or bronze winners ended up getting gold, including the first silver for the Republic of New England National Ice Hockey team.

Vladivostok 1992 - Summer

A complete and utter failure, the world watch as the Soviets struggled to maintain order in Vladivostok. Several scandals came out, most involving the Soviet team. Several nations accused the Soviets of cheating to make it easier for the Soviets to win events, but nothing came of it. Recently, whenever an Olympiad is said to be experiencing troubles, pundits may say "I hope it won't go like '92" or "Maybe they're pulling a Vlad."

Lake Placid 1994 - Winter

Some people believed that because of the United States' "illicit" invasion of the Republic of the Pacific following it's secession in 1986. President Tom Harkin, however, stated that "Past crimes by old governments is not the way of the future, and not the way of the United States anymore." The Republic of the Pacific considered boycotting the games, as did other countries, but every country invited ended up showing up. This Olympics made the world forget the crimes committed on the RNE and ROP by Presidents Kemp and Dole.

Montreal 1996 - Summer

St. Moritz 1998 - Winter

Buenos Aires 2000 - Summer

Athens 2002 - Winter

Istanbul 2004 - Summer

Moscow 2006 - Winter

This was seen as a last hurrah by the Soviets before their collapse in 2007. While it was an economic failure, more people watched the Moscow Olympics than ever before. The Soviet Union ice hockey team even won gold in their final Olympics together. It also was a bigger success critically than the disastrous Vladivostok Olympics in 1992.

Rio De Janeiro 2008 - Summer

Brazil's first Olympic games beat out Tokyo, Japan, Dublin, Ireland and Cape Town, South Africa. In an amazing games that saw American Michael Phelps win several world records, the New English Baseball Team beat out the Americans to win the Gold. Rio '08 was the most watched Olympics in history, still beating out Stockholm 2010.

Stockholm 2010 - Winter

Stockholm hosted the first Olympic Games in Sweden since the disastrous Stockholm Olympics in 1966. The Quebecois Ice Hockey team defeated the Canadian team in the final to win Gold. Many people were saddened, however, when New English luger Julia Clukey died during a test run before the official open of the games.

Mexico City 2012 - Summer

Originally destined for Port au Prince, Haiti, designed to show off the recent boom economy in the area, a massive earthquake destroyed Port au Prince in January 2011, damaging the mostly-completed structures. The Haitian Olympic Committee immediately withdrew, leaving the IOC scrambling to find a new host. They chose Mexico City, the runner up to Port au Prince in balloting. It is unknown whether Mexico will rise to the challenge, or crumble under the pressure.

Boston/Portland/Halifax 2014 - Winter

Boston and Portland in the Republic of New England and Halifax in the Eastern Republic of Acadia united to put together a joint bid, beating out Anchorage, Alaska, which American President Sarah Palin threw much time and support behind. Birmingham, England and and Kyoto, Japan were also in the running. It has been announced that the opening ceremonies will be held on the border of the RNE and ERA in the towns of Calais, Maine, RNE and St. Stephen, New Brunswick, ERA, and that Olympic torches will be in each city.

Rome 2016 - Summer

The Italians will hold their first Olympic games in their history. The Italians are already building facilities, hoping them to be extravagant, elegant and modern.

2018 - Winter Bids

The 2018 Winter final bids are for Seattle, Republic of the Pacific, Port au Prince, Haiti, Kyoto, Japan and Berlin, Germany.

Seattle, Republic of the Pacific

Seattle has never hosted the games before, but intends them to be extravagant and classic, showing the world that the Republic of the Pacific can host an epic Olympics.

Port au Prince, Haiti

Port au Prince was originally supposed to host the 2012 games, but a massive earthquake that destroyed most of the city halted the games and the IOC moved them to Mexico City. President Wyclef Jean has declared his intentions to make the structures for Port au Prince as sounds and earthquake proof as possible, but many analysts believe that it'll be almost impossible to be 100% safe.

Kyoto, Japan

After the failed 2014 bid, Kyoto is hoping to try to get ahead again for 2018, but many see this bid failing as well.

Berlin, Germany

A weak bid by Berlin

2020 - Summer Bids

The current final bids for the 2020 Olympics are for Melbourne, Australia, Los Angeles, Republic of the Pacific, Baghdad, Iraq, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Pyongyang, United Republic of Korea.

Melbourne, Australia

Considered the front runner for the 2020 games, Melbourne is hoping to set a new standard for Olympics. It intends to "one-up" Italy, so most of the planning going into Melbourne will happen after Rome 2016.

Los Angeles, Republic of the Pacific

Los Angeles has never held an Olympic games as a city in the Republic of the Pacific. Would likely be the front runner if Seattle weren't the front runner for 2018, as the IOC doesn't like having two consecutive Olympiads in the same nation.

Baghdad, Iraq

Since the Iraqi Revolution of 2000, Iraq has striven to secure its place as a premier democratic nation in the world. While Baghdad is seen as a long shot, the Iraqi government is going full bore to try to get the 2020 Olympics to Baghdad, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Iraq. It has a steep mountain to climb with strong bids by Los Angeles and Seattle.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City believes that sports have a good representational value and is doing all it can to bring the 2020 Olympic games to Vietnam. They believe the Olympics should be a perfect message to show the world that it can host a wide variety of sports.

Pyongyang, Korea

Similar to Iraq, since the United Republic of Korea was founded following the Second Korean War in 1994. Korea has started to rebuild the North Peninsula, as over 50 years of Communist rule had destroyed much of the morale and infrastructure of the nation. They're now finished, and believe that holding the Olympics in the North Peninsula would be an excellent way to show the world they've moved on and are moving forward.

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