Year City Comment
1888 Athens First Olympic Games ITTL, hosted by emperor Ludovico
1892 Rome
1896 Kiev
1900 Dresden Eclat overshadowing the games when the German visitors boo the Russian teams.
1904 Paris Games are sadly disturbed when a radical tries to assassinate old emperor Ludovico.
1908 Nanjing
(1912) Delhi Cancelled due to the world war
1916 Martinsburg The Italians and Russians are excluded, as are the Socialist nations.
1920 Delhi
1924 Kingsburgh
1928 Neu-Hamburg
1932 Beijing
1936 Franzensburg
1940 Novolondon
(1944) Cancelled due to the world war
1948 Shanghai
1952 Wildenhartburg
1956 Canton
1960 Alexandersborg
1964 Jerusalem Boycotted by some Muslim nations
1968 Prague
1972 Haraldsborg
1976 Ayutthaya
1980 Krakow
1984 Edo Although the Chinese government had intended to demonstrate that Nippon was successfully pacified, the contrary happens: The visitors from the world have the impression that the Nipponese are oppressed, or were displaced.
1988 Athens Centennial Olympic Games
1992 Paradies
1996 Fort Knox planned

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