Olof Larsen
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Denmark and Southern Sweden
July 24, 2000 - Present

Predecessor Antonia Frederikson
Born May 22, 1960
Ginnerup, Denmark and Southern Sweden
Political Party Left

Olof Agnes Larsen (born May 22 1960 in Ginnerup) is the current Prime Minister of Denmark and Southern Sweden (Sino-Roman) and the acting leader of the Left Party.

He was the Interior and Health Minister from November 27 1993 as part of Antonia Frederikson's first and second Cabinets, and Minister of Finance in Antonia Frederikson's third Cabinet from November 23 1997. On July 24 2000 he succeeded Antonia Frederikson as Prime Minister following Frederikson's appointment as Secretary General of NATO.

Larsen has been a member of the Danish and Southern Swedish parliament (Folketinget) since 21 September 1984. He also served as County Mayor of Kobenhavn County from 1998 to 2001. In spite of their common surname, Larsen is related neither to Ely Larsen, husband of former Queen Allegria Mosley of Arctic Ocean nor to Carl Larsen, husband of Queen Sonja Viola Ling of Denmark and Southern Sweden.