Oligarchy of True Japan
Timeline: Shattered Religion

OTL equivalent: Japan
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Royal Arms of Cambodia
Flag of Neo Japan Neo Japanese Coat of Arms
Location of Neo Japan

空の敷地から。 (Japanese)
("From the grounds to the skies.")

Anthem "Rule, Nippon!"
Capital Hiroshima
Largest city Neo Tokyo
Other cities Nagasaki, Hakodate, Sapporo
  others English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.
Religion Atheism
Ethnic Groups
Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  others Aryan, Arab
Demonym Japanese
Government Presidency
  legislature President
President President Shigesato
  None: None
145,925 mi²
  water (%) 145,925
Population 1.252 billion 
Established 660 BC
Independence from ???
  declared ???
  recognized ???
Currency Euro (Only Asian Country in Eurozone)
Time Zone Japan Standard Time
  summer 7 May–8 August
Internet TLD .jp
Organizations Any current Japanese organizations.
The Oligarchy of True Japan is an elective oligarchy ruled by a president. When the Otakucracy was founded, it did not recognize True Japan's freedom, saying that it was part of Nepal-Tibet. A devastating war occurred as the helpless Otakucracy was quickly assimilated and annexed into the Oligarchy. Today the Oligarchy is Communist, but has extremely strong ties to the United and Confederate States of America (especially The Confederacy because communism)

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