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Grandduchy of Oldenburg (English)
Herzogtum Oldenburg (German)
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: County of Oldenburg
. 1091 - Present
Oldenburg.png BlasonChristian Ier (1143-1167), comte d'Oldenbourg.svg
Coat of arms
Heil dir, O Oldenburg
("Hail to thee, O Oldenburg")
Map of Oldenburg, c. 1410
Largest city Bremen
Official languages East Frisisan, High Frisian
Regional Languages German, Low German
Demonym Frisians
Religion Roman Catholic, jewish (minority)
Government Monarchy
 -  Count
 -  Royal House Oldenburg
 -  Created on breakup of Saxony 1091 

The County of Oldenburg is a county of the Holy Roman Empire.

Royal Family

  • John II (d. 1316), Count of Oldenburg - Elizabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg
    • Christian IV (1302–1323), Count of Oldenburg - Hedwig of Altbruchhausen
      • Jutta
    • John III (1302 - 1342), Count of Oldenburg - Matilda
      • John IV (1331 – 1356), Count of Oldenburg
    • Conrad I (d. 1367), Count of Oldenburg - Ingeborg of Brunswick
      • Conrad II (c. 1342 - 1401), Count of Oldenburg - Cunegonde of Diepholz
        • John (c. 1365 - c. 1400)
        • Maurice II (c. 1370), Count of Oldenburg
      • Gerard (d. 1368)
        • Dorothea (1384) - Victor of Holland
      • Agnes - Count Ludwig von Winstorf
      • Christian V (c. 1342), Count of Oldenburg - Agnes of Honstein
        • Christian (1378)
        • Dietrich (1390) - Adelheid of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
    • Maurice (c. 1368)
    • Gisela - Gerhard III, Count of Hoya

Political system

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