OlbNarang I of Kanton
1st King of Kanton

OlbNarang I Tribal Painting.jpg
The only known painting of OlbNarang I
Reign c.1668 - c.1679
Predecessor Title Created
Successor OlbNarang II
Spouses Kudin of Daqu
OlbNarang II
Full name
Amanrooka OlbNarang
House House of OlbNarang
Born Daqu, Daqu Lordship
Died Jibaruha, Kanton Empire
Religion Sunni Islam

OlbNarang I of Kanton (c.1625 - c.1679), also known as OlbNarang the Blessed was an Australian Aboriginal monarch who led a number military campaigns throughout North-Australia in the mid-17th century, and founded the Kanton Empire, leading it as its first king. 

Born in the growing city of Daqu around the year 1625, hailing from an influential trading family, he was the descendant of a Muslim Bugis father and a Traditional Aboriginal Mother. Following her death, he was quick to convert to (Sunni) Islam alongside many other North-Australian tribesmen around 1640, and immediately following, he was called forward by the Lord of Daqu to lead a small 500 man army westwards on a military campaign, where he would go onto prove himself as a capable military commander.

Around 1660, he took control of Daqu's military, and over the course of a year, took siege of the city, finally forcing its capitulation in 1661. Leading one of the most populous, economically powerful cities, OlbNarang led a number of military excursions to the Australian Mainland during the ensuring years, assimilating tribes and small settlements into the growing nation. This reached its climax in 1668 when he quickly besieged and took over the great city of Jibruha, the largest settlement of its day, and took the title of Manduattung, translated into Leader in a High Place. This event is seen as the beginning of the Kanton Empire, which he would lead until his death in the 1679; a reign of 11 years.