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Okinawan Republic
Timeline: Alternate Asia
Japanese postal flag, 1872-1887 Okinawaw COA
Flag Seal
Location map Ryukyu Islands
Location of Okinawa

黄金のイノシシの土地 (Japanese)
("Land of the Golden Boar")

Capital (and largest city) Nara
  others Okinawan (lingua franca)
Religion Shintoism
Demonym Okinawan
Government Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
President Hanako Yamagusuku
Prime Minister Hiroko Naagusuku
Area 463.72 sq mi
Population 3,213,444 
Established 7th June 1959
Currency Okinawan Shilling
Calling Code +899
Internet TLD .ok
Nominal GDP £210,334,112,273


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