The Ohio War (1801-1802) was an armed conflict between the Québécois and British American colonists over the territory of Ohio. The war required the entry of the British Army, who the Americans had aligned themselves with.

The war stemmed from the Quebec Act of 1774, which had limited the province of Quebec's territory, and the desire of Québécois to distance themselves from their British rulers. The American settlers, who wanted to settle there as well, had thought they had the right to live there because their colonies extended to Spanish Louisiana. The war began when Fort Gower was assaulted by Quebec colonists. Following the Battle of Losantville, British troops entered the war, and following the Battle of Fort Cleveland, they allied themselves with the Americans. In the Battle of Toledo, the Québécois were finally pushed out.

The British then established the Ohio Colony, which was part of the United American Colonies.

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